Zero Impact Foods for Diabetics (Including Carb Zero Bread)

If you’re diabetic, or are close to someone who is, you’re familiar with the importance of keeping blood sugar levels stable throughout the day.  This can be challenging because foods have different glycemic levels that affect our bodies differently.  Consuming foods with a low glycemic index is good for everyone, and crucial for those with diabetes. Being diabetic forces constant awareness of the choices we make and whether they will impact our blood sugar levels because, for some, it is a matter of ending up in the hospital. 

Following a diet that is overall low in carbohydrates is helpful to diabetics because it is the foods that are rich in carbohydrates that contain the most sugar, or the highest glycemic index.  Bread is usually out of the question, or consumed with great moderation.  Carb Zero Bread makes it possible for those who are on a strict diabetic diet to enjoy bread without spiking their blood sugar levels.  Carb Zero Bread’s formulation was created with this in mind.  

Oat Fiber, one of the ingredients found in Carb Zero Bread contains beta-glucan.  Studies show that beta-glucan has beneficial effects on diabetes such as stabilized blood sugar levels throughout the day.  Starting the day with a slice of Carb Zero Bread with an egg is a great way to keep you going all day long.  Beta-glucan has also been proven to lower bad cholesterol. 

In addition to our original Carb Zero Bread, we offer cinnamon Carb Zero Bread.  Cinnamon contains qualities that have a positive impact on blood sugar levels and many diabetics look to incorporate it into their diets for extra assurance to keep blood sugar levels constant.  It can be sprinkled on foods, but our bread already contains it so you can grab it and go! 

We understand how many restrictions we tend to put on ourselves to keep fit and healthy without having any additional dietary conditions to account for.  Carb Zero Bread makes it possible to enjoy the best of both worlds, even when we thought we couldn’t.

  • Joanne Hathaway

    I cannot have eggs but your bread has everything else.  What are the chances you can develop a vegan gluten free bread?

    • Julian Bakery

      Your in luck as we already male a Vegan gluten free bread here:

  • Barbara Lendrum

    This sounds great. I can’t wait to get a few bags and cookies too. WOW


    If the bread is carb free, where do the 9g carbs come from?

    • Leah

      Hi Virginia, Carbohydrate calculation for high-fiber foods remain the same, meaning they are still listed in grams under the carbohydrate section of the Nutrition Facts label. 
      Because fiber is not completely digested and absorbed, a high-fiber meal does not provide the same amount of carbohydrates as a low-fiber meal of similar total carbohydrate content.  
      So, when calculating the TOTAL amount of carbohydrates, we get to subtract the fiber content from the listed carbs which equals out to zero since our body breaks it down differently.  It does not turn into glucose in our bloodstream like eating a piece of candy would do (all carbs, no fiber).  
      I hope that helps!

    • Rhparsley

      From the label, it is from fiber. Since many who count carbs deduct any carbs from fiber, that is the source of “zero carb”  count. Just my guess.